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This past week, we went to look at a dog. We seen an ad in the local petstore. We have actually been looking for a dog for years. The thing is we want a friendly, small to medium sized dog.  The dog we looked at was a Cocker Spaniel. It was about 40 degrees and we had to travel to see it. When we got there the dog was fine, however the owner had a few things to tell us.  The dog apparently did not listen. It was prone to bite people. It was not good around children. The list seemed to go on and on. Upon hearing all this, we decided to go for a drink and talk about it.  We knew this was not the dog for us.  We went back and told the owner. We were disappointed, because this was not the first time we found a dog that didn't fit.  We will just have to keep looking.

Dog in a Field Thumbnail

This is a section about our beloved cat Georgie Girl.

We have one pet now. She is a tabby cat. Her name is Georgie. We got her from a blind woman. She also had two dogs. Georgie is very cute. She always looks like she is smiling. She is great at catching mice too.

Georgie loves to run around the house. When we first got her , she would growl like a dog. However she got out of that. Now she just greets everyone at the top of the stairs.

Peering Cat

I have to laugh at my fiancee. When he gets up in the morning Georgie starts meowing. He is not awake so he gets mad, and tells her to be quiet. Of course the more he yells at her, the more she meows. It is quite the comedy act in the mornings. She wants her breakfast, pronto!

July 13,05
Recently there has been two editions to the animal family in our home. Or should I say, reptile family. My son wanted lizards, so we got him two. They change colors. They are quite small. He named them Ying and Yang. They are both females. They eat insects, and apparently some baby foods. My son takes good care of them. They need alot of moisture, so he mists the cage with water a few times a day. He has even got up the nerve to feed them live crickets.....

June 19th, 2007
We had been thinking about getting a dog for several years.  Last weekend they had an adoption blitz at our local OSPCA, so we went down to see the dogs.  It was very noisy and there were many dogs.  I came across the cutest pomeranian...and wanted it but it had health issues.  Then we came across another cute black and white medium sized dog.  Unfortunately we learned that it would not get along with our we kept looking.  There was another dog that looked similar only not as cute and older.  My boyfriend immediately fell in love with him.  His name is Oliver.  We filled out the forms and took him home.  The first day I was left home alone with him.  My cat and him were going nuts.  He decided to urinate on my bedroom rug and then go number two in my son's room.  I was livid!  I phoned my boyfriend at work and told him if the dog didn't shape up he was going back.  Then he took off on us once but luckily we were able to catch him.  He has not basic training and doesn't seem to know his name.  He has been a handful.  We suspect he may have been abused?  He craves attention and affection constantly.  I am hoping over time he will adjust and we will have another great family pet.

This is Oliver

Illustration: Lounging with the cat

Georgie has been with us for many years now. We had the opportunity to get a dog, a beagle. However Georgie did not seem impressed when he came to visit. After all this is her home too. She has become very lovable and a big part of our family. She is a good cat and very patient with kids. She has become accustomed to getting all the attention. And she will let you know when she wants something. She knows exactly when treat time is.
She sometimes is needy and will want to have attention. We are lucky to have her, and she is like having the girl I never had.

There have been other pets over the years. We have definitely had our share of hamsters. One in particular was not very friendly and always tried to bite your hand. My son liked them for a while, so when one died we would replace it. We had mice as well.  My son was always sad, but we would have a ceremony and a burial in the backyard. Now he is older and wants a lizard.......yuck....

We had a scare with Georgie a few months ago....her two front incisors came loose and fell out.  We took her to the vet. It was the first time to the vet so she cried all the way.  She did some scraping of her gums which Georgie did not like at all.  She had some decay.  The vet suggested she needs surgery....but it is very expensive.  She did prescribe a special food that cleans the teeth and that seems to help.  She is doing fine now...and as for surgery...well that will have to wait for now, until we can afford it.

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