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What the world needs is peace.

Peace for every person on earth.

A sense of inner peace in the hearts of the darkened.

Peace for your neighbor.

Peace in our families.

Peace in our countries.

Pray people of this world for peace.

Peace for our children, so the may live and prosper for future generations.

Peace for the sickly and aged.

Peace in the hearts of the forlorned.

Peace for those who may be dying.

May we all pray for peace for all in our world.

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Eternally Together
Here she rides, into the darkened sky.
She goes to meet her lover.
Her long raven hair streams out behind her in the wind.
Her heart beats in rhythym to the pounding of her geldings hooves.
She carries with her a potion to save her beloved from deaths arms.
A magical potion from the villages powerful sorceress.
It must save him she thought......
For if he dies, so will I too perish without my love.
It seems an eternity until she reaches his village.
Finally she reaches his tiny shack in the depths of the forest.
She flings open the door , rushing inside.
She finds her love slumped over in a chair by the fire.
It is too late....the disease has ravaged his body and soul.
She knows what she must do.
Finding a knife upon the wooden table , she plunges the blade into her heart.
Soon she will ebb from this world and join her love again.