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I relive the past here in my dreamstate.
I see everything so vividly, feel everything like I am transported to what used to be.
I am often happy here in this alternate reality from a life already lived.
I feel the love I once felt, the ecstasy I once had.
The friendships that are dead to me.

What does it all mean?
Does the past call to Me?
Is the present too bleak, the future uncertain?
I do not know the answers , but I know I will visit my dreamstate and my past again in the future.

Purple Crystal Ball

I'm Tired

I'm tired of the world,

so I want to get off.

I'm tired of the people,

so I shut my windows.

I'm tired of the government,

so I don't vote.

I'm tired of the begging,

so I close my eyes.

I'm tired of the holy wars,

so I don't pray.

I'm tired of my life,

so I look for a way out.

I'm tired of being tired,

so I reach for the end.

I'm just tired,

goodnight and goodbye

Diamond Dreams

Diamond dreams.

Chantilly and lace.

Caviar tastes.

Pink champagne in ice.

Crystal stemmed glasses on a silver tray.

Diamond dreams.

Deep blue ocean and soothing waves.

Lying on the sand with millions close at hand.

These are diamond dreams.


Pay attention to me.

This plays in my head.

You never think of me.

Here I am right in front of you.

Yet your focus is never on me.

I need attention too.

Where does your attention lie?

Never on me, ever on me.