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This is where I will add projects I have been part of or worked on.

Click here to visit my mother-in-laws site, Icedreams Picture Palace.

A site to buy writing

This is a great site. I have three pieces of my writing here. Each piece is priced to sell. Please check out this site and support the art of writing. You will also find some truly unique stories/articles and poetry.

I would like to thank Maria Cristina Azcona for inviting me as an invited poetress. She is a remarkable Spanish poet and writer. You can find her at WWW.AZCONA.BRAVEHOST.COM
She is also listed in the links below.
My links are:

Santa Letters
This is a sample of what I will produce for your children/grandchildren/friends.
It can be personalized to fit the child.
A nice holiday gift.


Dear _______  


  Soon I will be getting ready to leave the North Pole to visit you on Christmas Eve.  The elves are very busy getting all the toys and presents ready to load onto the sleigh.  I always love visiting all the children in _______.  


   The elves keep us updated on what you are doing.  They have told us you have been very good this year.  You are helping your friends, and trying really hard to get good grades in school.  We are all very happy to hear you are being so nice to others. 


   I can’t talk too much longer because I have to make sure everything gets loaded onto the sleigh for the trip around the world.  I have to have a nap too because Mrs. Clause doesn’t want me to fall asleep at the reins.  It is a very long journey.  I will be heading your way in two shakes of Rudolph's tail. You might hear my sleigh bells on Christmas Eve, perhaps faintly while you sleep snuggly in your bed.


  Keep being a good ____, and the reindeer and I will be there in a wink.  Maybe you could ask your ______ if you could leave us a little snack.  The reindeer get very hungry too.  We like vegetables and fruit.  I also like a cookie or two, just don’t tell Mrs. Clause, she thinks I’m on a diet.


 Love, Santa

 Ho ! Ho ! Ho !


I have recently had a poem published by Tangerine Sky Publications. It is called Temporal Currents and can be found at
This is a beautiful poetry book with a number of talented poets. I highly recommend obtaining a copy. I am very pleased to be a part of this project.

This is a cookbook project that I participated in. The book is called Food For The Soul. Check out this compilation of great recipes by a wonderful group of people by simply clicking here. You can view the book, and all the information needed to buy your copy.

September 6th, 2006
 I am currently starting a project helping with radio scripts for ESL students. An ESL teacher contacted me for my opinion on some short excerpts he has written. We are currently in collaboration and he has graciously given me permission to add this project to my resume.

January 16th, 2007
I am pleased to announce that I now have a working relationship with the staff at our local VideoSelf. They have asked me to do a couple of projects for them. My first project was a new letterhead for the store. The next project is in the works, and I am very pleased they have sought my services.

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