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About Me

Here I will add a little more information about myself.

“Such creatures of accident are we, liable to a thousand deaths before we are born. But once we are here, we may create our own world, if we choose.” 
-Mary Antin

Amber Whitman Toronto Ontario, Canada email: I live in Toronto, Ontario with my fiancee of 12 years. I am 36 years old. I have a 12 year old son. I have been writing short stories, articles and poetry since my youth. I enjoy the outdoors, cooking, writing, reading and decorating. I have written for various online sites such as Webster's Online Dictionary and have won various Poetry Choice Awards. I also write for an online site. In my youth, I attended a convention through private school where I won medals for my work. I am now a published author and wish to continue enlightening people with my works. I have a poetry book coming out soon. If you are interested in viewing some of my work, you can visit my homepage at Any further enquiries can be directed to my email. I look forward to your comments. Sincerely,

 Right now my main focus is my writing. I have been writing for years, but just over the last few years have started to actively pursue it again. I am working towards getting published. That is my main focus.

I grew up in British Columbia, Canada. I lived with my grandparents.  I came to Toronto to visit my real parents and ended up staying.  I have a two sisters and a brother. Unfortunately we do not talk. I talk with my parents once in a while.
I went to a private school out west. I then went to school here in Toronto. My life changed when I had my son.  Now I am in a relationship.  My family is my priority.

My sign is Pisces. By nature we are dreamers. We are also creative. I guess that comes through with my work. I used to draw when I was young.  Now that I am older, my interest has turned to writing and poetry. I am very sensitive which is also a Piscean trait. I get hurt very easily, and that usually leads to tears. I am a loner, and really don't like crowds. I feel family is very important, and I would do anything for mine.
I take pride in my appearance and home and like things to be near perfect. I like things my way, and fight to get my way.
But when Pisceans love, it is forever. 


I have had some setbacks in my life. I have had some medical issues. I had menigitis at a  young age. I was given a 50/50 chance to survive. I was a fighter and regained my facilities. I thank God, for that.
Then later I developed colon problems, it was diagnosed through many tests as diverticulitis.
After that I developed ovarian cysts which were stage three. I had to have laser surgery which was extrutiating pain.
Now in my thirties, I am having problems with my insides again.
 Recently, I had a cystoscopy,ultrasound and x-rays taken. It is believed I have two small stones in my kidneys. I have missed a few cycles as well,for this I changed pills.
It seems just when I think my health is fine, somthing else comes along.
I also seem to get headaches quite frequently, for which stress could be an issue.these are my dilemmas...

Gold Mail Slot
Waiting for my acceptance letter.

Working towards

My main job is being a wife and mother. I take care of all the household responsibilities. I juggle that with my writing. I have made progress and even published my first poetry book. I am in the process of writing a story. I am hoping to expand and publish more in the future.

July 13, 2005
I have been working for an online site for over a month now, writing articles.  Two of my articles have been feature articles. I am currently waiting for my first payment, and am in negotiations with them. I hope to expand my writing and content and eventually advance.
Oct 23,/2005
I just wanted to add that this site is fraudulent. The name of the site is Elite.Corner. I was not paid for my work for them. They also owe money to other writers.  They basically have the attitude that they will use our writing, not pay us and too bad. If anyone comes across this site online, stay clear. They are rip-off artists!
I am really mad that they are doing this, but short of hiring a lawyer, I don't really know what else to do.
I am however spreading the news about this site to others, as I am doing here.

Favourites in music and movies.

I just watched the Passion of the Christ.  I thought it was very emotional. It was an excellent movie. I cried all through it.
I also enjoy humourous movies, like Grumpy Old Men etc.
I liked dramas too, such as Twisted ,which I just watched.

I really have no favourites when it comes to music. However I lean towards dance music. In that range I like Cher, Savage Garden, Christina Aguilera, etc. I do like some rock groups as well. I love NickelBack. I like some hip hop such as, Marcus Houston, Omarion, Ciara, Beyonce, and some rap  as well.