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Press Box

Dreams of Grandeur
Published by L&R Hartley Publishers
P.O. Box 1471, Murwillumbah,
New South Wales,
Press Release



This is a collection of original poetry. Emotions run deep in this book with poems of sadness, happiness and darkness.


Toronto, Ontario

July 9th, 2005


This collection of poetry was written by a new writer named Amber Whitman.  It is a book that covers life and delves into emotions.  The poetry in this collection was written over a period of years. 


The author lives and writes in Toronto, Canada.  The book was put together on a whim, and as a way to promote her work.  Being a wife and mother of one, writing time is precious and juggled with daily routines.


The people that have visited the promotional site have had good comments.

I take inspiration from many things, and hope my work is enjoyed.



For additional information on the book

 visit the promotional site at


My publisher is from Australia.  The name of the company is L&R Hartley Publishers.

Contact: Lionel Hartley


Amber Whitman

Toronto, Ontario





  I am 36 years old, and born March 1969.  I have a 13-year-old son and have been with my boyfriend for 12 years.  I enjoy the outdoors, writing, cooking, decorating, and reading.  I grew up in British Columbia till I was 16, in a small town called Qualicum Beach.  I have been writing since my youth.  I attended a convention winning medals for my poetry.  I have since written poetry, articles and short stories for various online sites such as Webster’s Dictionary and All poetry Magazine.  I have won various Poetry and Editors Choice Awards.  Recently I have published a collection of my poetry.  My wish is to continue enlightening people with my works.  If you are interested in viewing my work, you can visit my personal website at or you may visit my promotional book site at





Praise of my Work
This one is from Poetry Highway:
I'm much impressed with your poetry. You have a great deal of talent.
Please tell me you have self-assurance and faith in yourself. You
could really go far if you get some special graces and I'd be honored
to help.

PS - Billy, one of our poetry editors - said to tell you great job! on the 3 we posted. Pen your best and stay positive,

  • Hi Amber,
  • Thank you for your stories. I would love to use them.
  • I am looking forward to working with you.
  • Diane Seacrest

From another site:
Solace On Paper
awesome work!
Two Faces
powerful work. really good.
You are quite an impressive writer. I can relate to much of what you say in your work. I have read several of your poems and I must say that I am truly impressed. Please do keep writing.

Recognition and Awards

Book Review of
Dreams of Grandeur

Dreams of Grandeur is a brief anthology of poetry written by Canadian author Amber A. Whitman. Most of the poems are short and to the point, not obtuse as some poetry tends to be. Writing poetry is clearly one way the author confronts her own inner demons, as most of the poems in this book seem to deal with heavier topics such as grief, loss, and broken or breaking relationships.

I have recently been interviewed by a Ryerson University student.  She came across a story I had written about gaming.  She actually interviewed the whole family on thier thoughts.  If the piece runs, it will appear in the Toronto Star.  It was a good experience, and I think I learned alot about my family and my own ideas.

A regular on the Swimming Kangaroo Critique Radio Show hosted by Dindy Robinson.  Tune in every Tuesday night at 8:00 for the U.S. broadcast and 9:00 for Canada. 

With much thanks and kind regards to Carolyn-Howard Johnson, author of the Frugal Book Promotor and Tracings.