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Here I will list my jobs and that of my family and post on them ...with pictures where permitted...

December 4th, 2006
My Boyfriend
My boyfriend is now working with a tilesetters union. He was just assigned a new job...however it is a lot further...and he has to leave at 5:a.m. He doesn't get home until 5:00p.m. It is good money and the benefits are fairly good. However...the travelling is not that great.  He likes the job I guess this is what he wants to do.
My Son
My boyfriend wants my son to work part-time and we have had many arguments over this subject.  I want him to concentrate on school right now.  However...a new video store opened in our area..a few block away with a new concept on renting and he was offered a job as a mascot and delivering flyers on the weekend.  He did it a few hours yesterday and they paid him well.  He may do it again next weekend.  This kind of job ..I don't mind.  My boyfriend couldn't help but sneak over there and take some pictures of him...which he hated....however with his dancing we couldn't resist....

The Video Mascot
My Son is Under that costume.

The Mascot
"What are you doing here?"

As for me...I am still writing.  I am currently working with an ESL teacher correcting scripts for radio.  I will be getting my first payment soon.  The money is very little...but perhaps it will turn into something.  I am also working on other things...and hope to publish another poetry book.  I also have a story I would like to continue and eventually publish. I also have a cookbook to finish and hopefully publish.  I came across a great website where you can answer posts and get I am trying to make money there as well...however one of my recent posts has stirred a lot of controversy... and more posts than I care to read.  Well...I guess if you post they will answer....ha..ha...whether good or bad.  I was also contacted by someone on myspace who is looking for a I wrote to her this morning.  There may be something brewing there as well... I just don't want to take on more than I can handle..right now....I am just glad to be pursuing my passion.

February 8th,2007
I have added here some examples of work done.

A Barmitzvah Invitation



Working for as the advice columnist.
check out

Working for Creative-Web Concepts.