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News to report.
I am very excited to report my first book publication.
My poetry collection is being published.
It is at the publisher, but should be out on the market soon!
June 6/05
My book has in fact been released. I have an excerpt at the top of this page for the promotional site.


I was recently emailed by a gentleman.
In this email he asked me to write a childrens book for his son.
I am still in the process of getting all the necessary information.
It is not every day you recieve such a request.
However this will be my first paying job thus far.
I am excited , but nervous as well.
I have never taken on a book project before.
However I think I have the knowledge now to get the job done.
I will have to wait for his thoughts and notes before I begin.
I look forward to expanding my writing career.

August 10th,2005
Currently I am all over the board. I have had some more of my poetry and writing published. I am looking into work opportunities. I was contacted to write a press release. I wrote my own so I agreed. I will be finishing that project towards the end of the month. I have agreed on a price that the customer was happy with. I look forward to my future endeavours.

January 13th,2006 I seem to be on a publishing high at the moment. I have just been approached by WriterAdvice online to publish one of my poems. I am very happy and excited to be featured there as well as the other sites.
I also had in indepth interview with them....

Kristin Johnson, reviewer and editor of says, "Tracings" from Finishing Line Press "is magnificent!" Learn more about this award-winning chapbook of poetry by Carolyn Howard-Johnson.

January 23,2006
I just recieved my payment for my review of the Dakapa Handbook.  It came by mail this morning. It is a bobble head of the author.  Actually it is quite cute.  I have started a kind of display of my published work in my office area.  I have added this as one of my showcased pieces.  I am hoping to be able to add more pieces as my writing career blooms.

February 2, 2006
Yesterday, I was contacted for two jobs. One is to re-do a website. The other one is to write a press release and rewrite some articles.
I am very pleased that my all my work is finally paying off.  I hope I can do these jobs well.
This morning I received an email informing me of my poetry being published online at Pink Mouse. I am also very pleased about that.
I hope I continue to get more proposals and exposure.

April 10th,2006
I just recieved an email that one of poems will be published in the April/May issue of WriterAdvice.  You can view it by going to .  You will find it on the cover page towards the bottom under a reader writes.
I am still writing and have had some good leads and some things that may be published.  I am still not making the money I would like too. I am hoping that will come soon too with exposure.
I am happy to be writing again after being sick and having the anxiety attacks.

This is some new information. I will be part of this exciting opportunity to have my work featured on a radio talk show.  I will be tuning in tonight and I hope the response is outstanding.  I look forward to it.

On 4/24/06, swimmingkangaroo <> wrote:

I hope all of you can join us tomorrow night for our
first "meeting". To listen to the show, click on the link below.

then scroll down the page and there will be an icon you can click on
to listen to the show. To call in and join the discussion, call 319-
256-0500 the access number for the conference call is 550703#

We will discuss an excerpt that has been posted by Rebecca goings
and three poems and a short essay by Amber Whitman. To find copies
of the items we will be discussing, go to:

When you click on the folder, it will open and you can view all of
the documents. you might want to download them to your computer
ahead of time or print them out so you can have them to refer to.

Tell all your friends to tune in!


My son will be graduating grade 8 this month on June 27th, 2006.  I look forward to the ceremony and being with friends and family.  Congratulations Mathew Sheldon Whitman.
We love you,

November 16th, 2006
I have just had my poem, "Sleeping Alone" published by Events Quarterly. It should be published in early January. I am also waiting to start an advice column with the Martini-Lounge and another project with an ESL teacher.

November 26th, 2006
I have finally started my job editing scripts for radio with the ESL teacher.  I just finished a few the other day.  He is pleased with my work and has even given me a title.  I am now a Dialogue Supervisor.  I hope it goes well..because it could lead to more work and better payment.  Right now the pay is quite low...but at least it's money.
  I am still waiting to hear about my advice column.  I sent them an email..and they should be getting back to me soon.  One of my stories is being published I am excited about that.  With the holidays coming I am glad work is starting to pick up.  We were supposed to go to my father-in-laws yesterday...but my boyfriend went instead.  I was tired.  He picked up some stuff that his dad wanted us to have. 
 He is moving soon and can't take it with him.  It is funny because some of the stuff we actually bought him as gifts.  He gave us the toaster oven and it was only used once.  Well at least I got a toaster oven.  He gave us some lamps too...for the bedroom which we also bought him.  He is moving in with a neighbor for a couple of months and then he is thinking about moving up north.  I think that is a mistake but it is his life. 

January 9th, 2007

Dear Ms. Whitman:


An entry has been prepared about you for inclusion in a forthcoming edition of Contemporary Authors (CA), a reference series that provides information on approximately 112,000 writers in a wide range of media, including fiction, nonfiction, poetry, journalism, drama, and screenwriting.  Established in 1962, CA is published by Thomson Gale, a leading provider in meeting the world’s information and education needs.

April 25th,2007
I recently wrote a story and forwarded it to Leeza
I just heard from her colleague and she like the story so much they want to publish it on her website in the next few weeks...under "Inspiration."  I am very excited to have my story printed on her website and look forward to it....

November 15, 2007
Just had some poetry published in the December Issue of Ya'Sou online magazine...very nice.

November 26th, 2007
I just received my copy of Conceit Magazine- October 2007....I have an article published in it...with my is very exciting.  I hope my readers can check it out!

September 9th, 2008
The biggest news is that my boyfriend and I were finally married on August 23rd. It was a beautiful outdoor ceremony and then the reception at a nearby hall. I thought the whole thing was wonderful and all our family and friends attended...

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