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Darker Poetry

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Two Faces

You have two faces which make up the whole of you.
There is one which you show to others.
Then there is the face that hides behind these walls.

Two faces for two separate halves.
Both hidden inside the core of you.
Waiting to emerge instantly, then be gone like breath on the wind.

Always a constant fight.
Not knowing what is right.
How do you control the beast inside?

A sheep in wolve's clothing.
You carry two faces.




It is humid.

There is an eerie silence.

The fan on the dresser is making it's usual humming.

It forces caressing air around the room.

It is past midnight.

My mind is on penning these thoughts.

I am tired, yet feel awake with the night.

This night that feels so strange to me.

The days have felt so strange to me lately.

There is something in the air.

Even the birds fly in a circle telling a tale.

Why do the days and nights feel so strange?

I am scared.

Amber Whitman.


Ocean in amber and gray

Foaming frothing waves of amber and grey.
Aquamarine rolls in cascading flows.
Warm ocean breezes travel towards shore.
The smell of seaweed, crisp fresh as the sea itself.

The tide flows in as it will soon flow back to it's origins.
Seagulls float above as if in a frozen status on currents of air.
Walking on the cool moistness of the gray sand, our feet sinking into it's soothing mineral delights.
Crabs dart and move anticipating our movements.

The sun shines down on our backs as we walk hand and hand before the ocean amber and aquamarine.

This next poem, Sudden Fury is dedicated to all those in the aftermath of Katrina.


Sudden Fury


The storm pounded the walls.

The waters swallowed the Big Easy.

The rains pierced flesh and the winds howled.

The world watched the devastating horror.

Death and dying.


Corpses covered in sheets, lying in the streets.

The innocent looting to survive.

Stealing and violence from desperate souls.

The sun beating down with blistering heat.

This is hell on earth.


Cries, screams, tears and pleas for salvation.

Their leaders had forsaken them.

Only God can save them and their dying nation.

This is the beginning of the end.

Her fury was the calm before the storm.