Passion For Writing

Poetry of 2005



I believe you really loved me, but life got in the way.

I wish I knew what makes you stay.

The pain and sorrow you must have felt.

Have made reality melt.

Loneliness and anger inside my soul.

Mentally and physically took thier toll.

Now you are back to play the role.

To fill the void of what is lost.

You shattered the one that loved you most.

Amber Whitman.



Powerful and sleek.

Your call is unique.

From the highest peak, you will seek.

Hunting your prey by the light of day.

Showing no mercy along the way.

Tooth and nail, large and small.

You will kill and devour them all.

The nature of the beast, stands tall.

While he rapidly vanishes into oblivion.


Snow White Dove

Snow white dove, suspended in the light spring air.

The sun glistens off your pure white feathers.

You are the purest form of nature from our maker.

You fly high above the cathedral in this square.

You perch to rest on the highest point.

The sky is your backdrop that illuminates your beauty.

Snow white dove, you carry beauty.

Memories of Me

Memories of me.

When I was young.

Riding my bicycle.

I loved to ride.

I would ride to the ocean to walk on the shore.

Ride miles into town to look around.

Pedal so hard on the winding gravel roads.

Memories of me, come to me now that I am older.

Amber Whitman

Loves Mistake

Last night I dreamt of my past.

A love that I had lost.

I was right back there in his house.

It was all so real, he was so real.

He was one of my greatest loves.

I made a huge mistake all those years ago, by letting him go.

I was young and insecure and turned to another.

I dreamt of him through the night wanting to be back there.

I awoke in the early dawn hearing the first melodies of the birds.

It reminded me of when we went camping together and I awoke early to hear birds singing.

We were lying together in the fresh morning air.

I will always remember how much I tried to hold onto him, even after it was over.

I was with him one last time, like nothing had changed.

Then it was over and I was heartbroken and lost.

I looked for him everyday, hoping to see him driving around the neighborhood.

I wanted him back, I needed to talk to him.

I did see him once, and he met my son.

He was so kind, like nothing had changed, but it had forever.

That was the last time I was to see him.

I wish I could tell him, "I"m sorry!"

I made a mistake.


Lost Dreams

I have lost my dreams.

They all faded away like sun bleached paper.

I have lost my dreams.

Time drifted by in the aquamarine sky.

I have lost my dreams.

Time is a saviour and an enemy.

I have lost my dreams.

They have burnt and smouldered into ash.

I have lost my dreams.

Life got in the way and doubts invaded like marching soldiers to battle.

I have lost my dreams.

They have drifted as treasure out to sea.

I have lost my dreams.

They drip from my body in beads of sweat.

I have lost my dreams.

What direction will my path lead through this life.

I have lost my dreams.

A. Whitman

Eclipsed Time

I dreamt of your kiss last night.

I remember how real if felt.

More real than anything I had felt before.

I felt your lips touch mine so softly.

It was as if time had stopped.

The kiss was long and slow.

My dream eclipsed time and space.

I was transported into a world of fantasy.

A beautiful dream of your kiss.

Then I awoke and the dream disappeared.

Frozen in time.


The Grieving Writer

Just when life is looking bright.

When I think I may get what I want.

That all my work will finally bring,

The promise of something more.

I get kicked back down again.

Now here I am back at the start.

To fight and write and want for more.

It was not my work that was the problem.

It was the deception of another.

I was honest and forthright.

Where I could have lied.

That is not me.

Now I find the deception has grown.

So I must decline.

Even though it means the end of the line.

I will recieve some restitution, but at the price of my emotions.

The sadness fills me inside,

I have lost a piece of pride.

Forlorn and feelings of death have entered my mind.

I feel alone and without hope.

I am at the end of my rope.

Where do I go from here.

I have cried all the tears I can.

I wipe away the tears, and look to tomorrow.

I know there must be something for me out there.

Someone who needs my talents, and hears my words.

If I can touch a soul,

It is worth the pain.

July 12, 2005


Why do I suffer?

I don't ask for much.

I work and work for no pay.

I have been told my writing is good.

I continue to strive for perfection, it's true.

Some days I feel defeated and blue.

I want to give up and throw in the towel.

But writing is my passion, it's what I want to do.

So I write day after day.

hoping and praying, something will come my way.

With little support from family and friends.

Words of encouragement are few.

What is a writer to do?

I suffer in silence, and continue my craft.

Hoping tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Perhaps, I will finally recieve some pay.

Castle In The Sky

The clouds part to reveal the castle in the sky.

The castle of all afterlife.

This is orion encircled in light.

Sun beams dance on it's turrets of gold.

It stands alone in the vast emptiness.

It is circled by crystal blue waters and emerald green grass.

Chimes echo through the wind each calling out to me.

Cross the bridge to the castle in the sky.

A. Whitman


Tea To Soothe


My hands are cold.

A tea would warm my body and soul.

I fill the kettle and put it on the burner.

What kind of tea?

Chamomile to soothe.

Earl Grey for strength.

Mint for pain.

Today is a plain tea day.

I open the chipped cupboard and pick my flowered cup.

The kettle shrieks as steam billows to the ceiling.

I pour the hot water over the tea bag.

I let it steep.

Milk and sugar lighten the blackness.

I curl up on the couch wrapping my hands around the cup.

My hands are warm.


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It is near the time when it is told,

The earth is now growing old,

The people have become to bold,

Rulers just collect the gold,

The heart of man has grown cold,

An Elijah came and was seen,

By the world through conventional means,

Even for the rebellious teens,

For the mother that weens,

A set rule was given this is true,

That fact is that no one knew,

They didn't even have a clue,

The sky's of blue,

Would soon to to gray,

The people had lost thier way,

The time had come, they would pay.

Now their bodies lay strewn across the land, never to walk another day.

Amber Whitman

Flower With Plant Background


Open the garden gate

Butterflies float gently on the breeze as they flutter by

Emerald tones of grass blanket the ground.

Rose's trail and twist on the broken trellis.

Petals glisten and radiate rainbow blooms

Tiny birds flit across your path

The sun warms your face.

This is utopia

Open the garden gate


In your eyes there is darkness.

It is a void that cannot be filled.

Blood runs cold through your veins and you dismiss the pain.

Your words come fast and strong like an arrow to my heart.

 In the darkness you live and enjoy it there.

You want me to join you in the abyss.

Forever left in the dark, never to come into the light.


Snowbound Heart


Snow floated gently to the ground.

The Ice queen watched the people run around.

Her Breath spreading out on the window like the ghost of time.

The Past, present and future was on her mind.

Thoughts and images played like film on a reel.

Her emotions turned like a spinning wheel.

A tear pooled slowly on her cheek and fell.

She wished to open the window and yell.

I hold in my hand a tear from my eye.

She opened the window and threw the tear down.

The wind whistled and whispered through town.

It fell into the snow and crystallized there.

The people all stopped to gawk and stare.

A prism of light shone into the night air.

The ice queen’s heart buried there was cold and bare.

The snow lightly fell as she watched the people gather round.

Her heart was forever snowbound.