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I actually wrote this press release myself. This is my own press release for my poetry book. I have since written for clients.  Perhaps you need a press release written. If so feel free to contact me. I charge reasonable rates.


This is a collection of original poetry. Emotions run deep in this book with poems of sadness, happiness and darkness.

Toronto, Ontario

July 9th, 2005

This collection of poetry was written by a new writer named Amber Whitman. It is a book that covers life and delves into emotions. The poetry in this collection was written over a period of years.

The author lives and writes in Toronto, Canada. The book was put together on a whim, and as a way to promote her work. Being a wife and mother of one, writing time is precious and juggled with daily routines.

The people that have visited the promotional site have had good comments.

I take inspiration from many things, and hope my work is enjoyed.


For additional information on the book

visit the promotional site at

My publisher is from Australia. The name of the company is L&R Hartley Publishers.

Contact: Lionel Hartley


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